Developer: Lamplight Studios


Publisher: Rising Star Games


Release Date: 30 March 2015

Platforms: Steam (Windows & Mac), Playstation & Xbox 

Overview: A Pixel Story is at its heart a game developed by a team of graduates who love games. Inspired by platformers and puzzle games old and new, A Pixel Story sees players trying to journey to the core of a giant computer system to save the world, making use of the games core mechanic, a unique magical hat that allows the player to place it in any location and teleport back to it, with new layers being added on to increase the complexity throughout the experience. Players must use their witt and skill to overcome the range of challenges put in front of them if they are to reach the core of “The System” and save the world.


Originally developed for the annual international game development competition Dare to be Digital, the first prototype of A Pixel Story was created in 9 weeks. With the full game being crafted by the small team of 5 University graduates over the next 2 and a half years. Players will find the game crammed full of hidden extras and easter eggs that the team used to keep themselves sane during development.



  • An expansive and vibrant world full of a wide cast of characters

  • 6 free form levels to explore

  • Hours of gameplay, with a layered experience that allows casual and hardcore gamers alike to get drawn into the action.

  • 15 intense hardcore challenge rooms that will have even the most veteran players on the edge of their seats.

  • A game experience that spans 4 separate graphical generations, exploring the changes and developments of video games over time.

  • Original Sound Track that tipifies the evolutionary experience.

  • Complete Steam integration, with controller support, and achievements.


Images + Trailer Below:

A Pixel Story Credits:

Martin Cosens - Programmer

Ross Hopwood - Designer

Luke Harrison - Artist/Animator

Karl Jazwinski - Designer

Tom McParland - Programmer



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Established in 2012, Lamplight Studios is a BAFTA-nominated, indie game development studio based in Manchester, UK. Formed by a group of graduates, they decided that, rather than get a real job at a real company, they would take a crack at making their own. As a result, their lives have been constant torment and anguish in the name of video games. We are stuff, you don't.


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