An Ode To A Biscuit.

Why hello there!


It seems we’ve rather taken the biscuit in regards to “time spent not providing updates”. Perhaps taken the biscuit isn’t appropriate, we took the biscuit circa month 3, somewhere around that time it must have fallen from the hand of guilt, onto the carpet of iniquity and under the couch of despair. In the intervening period since, the biscuit has fermented to the point of attaining highly developed sentience. It has spawned a blood line (breadline?), and instigated a form of governance amongst its people most akin to a rudimentary (albiet effective) facsimile of an anarcho syndicalist commune. 

It went too far, it went too far months ago, this crumby fledgling civilization had to go. We chose to burn it. Of course, the more astute amongst you will be no doubt quick to highlight a burning is probably not really an appropriate way to dispatch of such crunchy wonderment. Rather than doing away with it, the biscuit merely takes on a new (even crunchier form) this form, now existing as some sort of charcoal limbo of semi biscuit life, we think that’s about as close as it’s going to get, no-one really wants to eat it now.

At the same time as all that biscuit shenanigans, A Pixel Story has been busy, working its way into Steam libraries around the globe and being met with what we consider really not too shabby review scores, on average. With our metacritic sitting at a comfortable 74 and a Steam reception allocated as “Positive” it would seem we certainly haven’t done to badly for ourselves in the minds of our intrepid players. So a big THANK YOU to every who’s played and enjoyed the game!

In other - equally non-biscuit related - news, we have been hard at work looking into the future, in a manner not disimilar to the Lisan al Gaib of Dune, only with less stabbing. The future we saw was one where the titular “Pixel” of our “A Pixel Story” would be working its way from the computer screens to the TVs by way of massive, multi-platform wonderment. We’re now a lovely partnership with our pals over at Rising Star Games, a lovely bunch of people who we met over at Insomnia in Coventry, and they had this cracking idea, that we should bring it to consoles! It’s been a while coming, but we know it’s in good hands, with people who’re as passionate about the game as we are. You can see their lovely website (and relevant APS blogpost) over here:




                                Bafta-Nominated ‘A Pixel Story’ Teleports to Console this Summer 




As you can see, A Pixel Story will be available for all you lucky guys and gals currently in possession of either a PS4 OR an Xbox One, we don’t play favourites. So now you can play A Pixel Story on your PC and console AT THE SAME TIME. We’ll be looking into the hardware to make this properly achievable... we’ve been getting a lot of requests, so don’t worry, it’s at the top of our priority list, we know you just can’t get enough of that magical teleportation hat action, just hold onto your horses, it’ll be in your hands this summer!


We’ll see you then!


Lamplight out.

05 July 2016

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