A Pixel Story

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A Pixel Story is a devious 2D puzzle platformer that charts the evolution of video games. You must use your Magical Teleportation Hat to explore 6 increasingly detailed zones on your quest to reach the core of The System to stop the evil OS and save the world.

"A Pixel Story is a masterpiece"  

97%  Mouse N Joypad


"One of the best looking and sounding experiences indie games can give you"  

9/10  Gaming Nation UK


"The kind of ‘die, die, repeat’ challenge that will grab plenty of masochistic gamers"



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Established in 2012, Lamplight Studios is a BAFTA-nominated, indie game development studio based in Manchester, UK. Formed by a group of graduates, they decided that, rather than get a real job at a real company, they would take a crack at making their own. As a result, their lives have been constant torment and anguish in the name of video games. We are stuff, you don't.


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