Coming To All Good Steam Stores Near You.

“What’s the crack Lamplight?”


You ask, in your charming and dulcet tones. Well, my internet-street savvy companion, the crack is this:


A Pixel Story, that game we’ve been making, y’know this one. Well it’s been in development since late 2012, when we all had much better complexions from not being exposed to screen radiation and no sunlight for 156 weeks. And after a certain amount of time, one of our very merry band said,


“You know this game thing we’re making?”


“Well… what if we kinda… y’know let others play it aswell? What if we release it… to people.”


A heavy silence fell around the room, soon followed by scorn and biting derision.



After a lengthy and exhaustive tirade, when the red mist had cleared and there was time for repose, the seed that had been so innocently planted began to take root. What IF we could actually put this thing out? What IF people could actually play it? Until this point we had been working for the sole purpose of tormenting ourselves for years with no hope of respite, but would it be SO bad if other people could play it? It did seem ridiculous, but the roots of this new idea grew strong and soon it didn’t actually seem that bad, in fact, it almost seemed like the normal thing to do.


Games... that OTHER people could play, it must be some kind of revolutionary idea we thought to ourselves. I mean buttons seemed ‘edgy’ at the time, and ‘jumping’ was flirting with outright controversy, but this, this could shatter game development forever, was the world really ready for such a thing?


We decided Lamplight had to make the bold step, someone had to. And thus, on the 30 March 2015, A Pixel Story, yes this thing, is being released on Steam. It’s a day that will go down in the history books folks. “GAME ACTUALLY COMES OUT… WORLD STUNNED” is what the headlines will read. We’ll have to wait and see what gets made of it, but until then we’re going to spend the remaining time doing everything we can to make sure the response is positive, blood sacrifices were on the table for a while, we’ll workshop it and get back to you.


Lamplight Out.

09 March 2015

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Established in 2012, Lamplight Studios is a BAFTA-nominated, indie game development studio based in Manchester, UK. Formed by a group of graduates, they decided that, rather than get a real job at a real company, they would take a crack at making their own. As a result, their lives have been constant torment and anguish in the name of video games. We are stuff, you don't.


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