Exploits With A Man And A Stick.

So our last communique to the outside world was in December. That isn’t for lack of trying to post more in the meantime, there’s just been a small Peruvian man maintaining a stalwart vigil atop my desk, he’s had a stick that he picked up at around Christmas time, and has been using it to great affect to ward off any bold attempts to access the computer. Why he chose our office, we don’t know, but we recently managed to pry his weaponry off him, rendered impotent he promptly disembarked to take up residence at our building’s IT management office. He didn’t tell us that, but based off of how long some of our requisite IT services are taking, and the efficacy of our internet connections, we can only assume that such extensive issues could only possibly be caused by some kind of aggressive incursion, like some kind of allegorical microcosm of the situation in Ukraine, except missteps here result in a slightly irritating delay on establishing our VPN, rather than the prospect of global thermo nuclear war.


So in terms of news from the last 3 months, work on the game is still under way, we’re currently building up towards a beta. The game can currently be completed, which is a nice step, but mechanically sound and anything that you would every show to anyone ever are two very different things. So the last weeks have been a process of iterating over art assets and repetitive extensive bug fixing. Of course, not all of the bugs are our own, some of them is just the program behaving badly until we put it under the scrutiny of a Debug.Log() at which point it often promptly pulls its binary socks up and returns to normal execution, as expressed in an earlier tweet that broke out silence in an exasperated burst of programming in-joke form. Tom, our other programmer found it funny at least, that’s how I know it was funny, the wry amusement spreading its way across his face was a definite indicator that the hilarity and poignancy of the post had placed itself on the rictor scale of worth at least on par with the early works of French modern novelist Marcel Proust.


For any of you who don’t believe that progress on the game is indeed occurring, – and in fact believe this blog purely to be insight into the mind of a broken, broken man, who has merely conjured the concept of a team in an attempt to assuage growing concerns over his mental stability – Here are some screen shots!













Lamplight Out!

05 June 2014

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