Hasn't It Been A While.

It has, it has most definitely been a huge amount of time, roughly 3-4 weeks by our estimations, and for that we are both hugely apologetic, and simultaneously content. In the rather large space of time between blog posts, we have made equally large steps forward towards a finished product that we don't want to cleanse of the face of the earth for the good of man kind. In fact, I think we'd go as far as to say, we almost quite like it.

Of course, you can't simply take our word for it, this would be a cheap husk of a relationship if we thought you could have your love minds swayed by a mere scattering of incredibly vacuous words. so we have, for the first time ever as a team, we proudly present you with…























So after that we hope all that patience you’ve no doubt had to still be reading this blog at this point has paid off somewhat with intesnse visual pleasure. Our game has come a long way from grey blocks, which is esentially where the game was at until 2 or so weeks ago, but it has come forward in leaps and bounds since then, you’re just going to have to take our word for it unfortunately, as the original images, along with an entire other blog post were lost to us 2 weeks ago with a fatal computer error that left the very heart of our blog posting capabilites burnt out like some kind of marshmallow on the stick of dedication, held too long in the fire of complete faith in technology.


We’re not done by any means, we have an eventful 2 weeks still ahead of us, in which time we’ll hopefully take further stretches of visual and design awesomeness to really hit home how cool and good at things we all are. We’ve had an array of mentors doing the runner over the past few weeks. Giving many different forms of advice, a lot of the feedback has been very positive, but an issue we definitely face is introducing the player to game concepts in a way that doesn’t make them feel stupid, but also doesn’t leave them completely out in the cold as to what they should be doing in any given situation. It’s a tough toss up, and one we’ve been on the negative end of a lot lately, but we’re slowly making a crawl in the right direction.


We’re currently all suffering from an artists dilemna as well, we’re so insanely close to this project all the time, anywhere between 10-13 hours a day 5 days a week (close to 12-15 7 days a week now we’re entering “crunch time” and the building is open 23 hours a day) that we’re seeing holes and issues everywhere, and nothing is good enough, you become so sick of something you’re seeing every day and just grinding yourself against, it becomes quite important to actually take a break, sit back and maybe get some fresh ideas about your work, or you end up digging a hole, which is something we now have a fair bit of experience in.

Protoplay, the culmination of all of our tireless efforts, is around the corner now, and the concept is met with a mixture of excited anticipation and pure dread. At the end of the day we know we’re going to be happy with where our game ends up, but the public may indeed consider it a big pile of steaming something negative.  So we’re just going to have to hope to god we’re not completely inept in our design decisions, and maybe distract from any game breaking issues with moving bright colours in our setup area, that of course won’t be ourselves, because we made the elected decision to go for the sombre colour choice of grey for our personalised protoplay shirts, inspiring and attention grabbing? No. Snappy and actually not horrible to wear out in the public? We hope so.


Loan Wolf Out!


26 July 2012

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