It Begins.

Well haven't we gotten off on the wrong foot? You've literally read the title and we've already lied to you, massively. You see, the veritable 'it' ACTUALLY began around 8 days ago almost to the hour, as each of the 15 teams of which this year's dare to be digital competition is comprised solemnly strode towards their various work stations, hopeful (and in no small part hesitant I would imagine) about the 9 weeks to follow. This historic walk had been prefaced by 4 hours of presentations ranging from epic exposition, having ourselves narratively within the illustrious timeline of the Dare to be digital competition; interesting and informative "looks forward" to what we could possibly achieve; all the way through to out right terror enducing health and safety lectures.


I say terror, for this video single handedly shattered the very foundation of our understanding of fires and fire related activities. We felt our naive foolish ways being stripped away like old paint to reveal a fresh, fire aware, team, ready to take on all the hazardous environments thrown to us throughout the competition. We found out with alarming rapidity that our clandestine late night sessions of summoning 9 ft burgeoning torrents of flame atop our electric hobs was simply not on, and that in fact, in cooking at least, almost any amount of flame extending beyond a mere half-foot in length is deemed unacceptable. This would greatly restrict our diets (which until this point had primarily consisted of large fires) we would have to adopt the new fad of microwave dinners and sandwiches, but we didn't come here not expecting to make sacrifices.


The most alarming realisation was that fire is not simply a scrumptuous, nutritious snack for the early hours of the morning, but a destructive force, lying in wait inside every chair, couch, even christmas trees, especially the christmas trees. And coupled with that, anything you have owned, seen, smelled, touched or loved, ever, can start a fire if left alone for more than 2 minutes. So think about that before you decide upon pets or children, you never know when your new dog Fido, may in fact be a fire.


Aside from the fires (of which there have been suspiciously few based upon our new found information) it has been a week + a day of solid work, working around 10-12 hour days most days and even some on the weekends, our work ethic is there, but sadly not the game, not yet at least. Gazing upon the creations of other teams is both a joy and a cold reminder that there are other people in the world who aren't terrible at things, and in fact, quite often, are extremely good at them.


Most of the team entered this competition with a strong determination to "be the best" but this was rapidly replaced by a sense of awe and appreciation as you realise you're more excited to see how amazing everyone's work will be, than how much better yours is. This isn't to say we're not really quite proud and happy of what we've achieved so far, or that we have in any way lost drive to make something really great, but our outlook on the same situation has just taken a twist.


That's a lot of thoughts for now, so we'll leave it there.


Loan Wolf Out!

19 June 2012

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