The End Of An Era (Or Week 2).

So as the second week comes to a close, we must, or at least probably should look back on what we've learned and what we have achieved over these 12 eventful days. Well to start with we've had a lot of people from the industry in to take a look at our (extremely grey) game prototype, the list as I recall it being: Cobra games, blitz games, ubisoft, rare, ruffian games & outplay entertainment, try saying that list 100 times. Don't actually, that would be a momentous waste of time, and would melt your brain, something similar to the feeling our entire team is undergoing currently, we've come close to adopting the fetal position on at least several occasions, and I can't remember where I spent 3 hours of last night, and I woke up this morning pasted in North Korean propaganda.


This confusion may well have stemmed from yesterday where, after an eventful meeting, we were under the impression that our core mechanic would change, no longer would it do for our magic hat -our game has a magic hat (oh hey there Fez) - meaning every single one of our designs would change, and I liked the magic hat, it was charming, and offered sage advice in times of economic crisis. Were we more manly men, we may have lashed out on a slew of pub crawls, fists clenched ready to inact pugalistic rage against unseen antagonists. As it was we grumbled our grievances into fast-food, solemnly masticating with the proverbial burger patty of depression, and unefficaciously sucking at the straw of the branded soft drink of self-loathing, the true path of the post-modern artist.


However, upon returning we recieved an almost scrooge-like visitation. A pair of industry mentors who were, to our shock and confusion, openly positive to our non-sensical, physics-breaking magic hat. They reminded us that it's a game, and it doesn't always have to make a human level of sense, as long as you make the player understand THAT it doesn't make the usual amount of sense. And thus, with the kind of fire that can only come from a game concept focussed around other worldly items of clothing we strode forth, ready to finish the week in style, which is what we're hoping to do right now, so we'll have to get back to you on whether or not something goes horribly wrong that deposits us back in the throes of debilitating depression. If something is likely to do that it's the other games being worked on, by god some of them look impressive, you know how they say the grass is always greener on the other side? Well apparently our particular pasture is a tetradecagon, 14 fields of lushous green grass sprouting like it's being spread with a mixture of manure, red bull, and no small amount of cocaine.


Loan Wolf Out!

22 June 2012

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