We Have A New Face!

Not literally of course, that would be ridiculous. The slightly abstract concept of a single corporate entity that embodies the contents of Lamplight Studios is odd enough, no need to start giving it an appendages, or one begins to envisage something reminiscent of the closing scenes of Akira.


The point is though, look at our new site! This is truly the kind of place a blog post can settle down and start some kind of blog post family, we'll avoid the darker part of that tale where aforementioned blog post needs to pay the blog post mortgage, and has to get a blog post pay day loan that drives it into a spiralling blog post depression and crushing blog post debt.

Unfortunately, in the great blog shift of 2014 we lost several of the posts from the previous months. So many hours of toil for nought, they will indeed be missed. But replacing them shall be new, sharper, faster blog posts. Blog posts, which have lovely layouts, and whose borderline sentience is eerily reminiscent of Skynet, and thus will ultimately deem the human race worthless, resulting in the great robot wars of 2179.


This is all part of a larger point, that we're gearing up towards the push that comes with getting the title into polish stage. We're looking at having a proper snazzy trailer soon, which will hopefully convey what that game has formed itself into since the last time anyone saw it at Dare to be Digital (hopefully you like it.) We shall also be attending Update, a new showcase primarily focussed around indie work in the North West for attendance is free, and it's based at the easy to reach, snazzy new Media City UK space just outside of Manchester, so I can think of no good reason that all of you shouldn't attend.


Either way, this was more of a short post to keep people slightly in the loop as what's going on with us, we took a brief bit of time away from development to make ourselves look somewhat presentable, before delving back into the trenches, where we engage in the war of attrition that is game development. More reports from the Western Front soon (we're hypothesising that video games don't attack from the east for no particular reason.)


Lamplight Out.

05 June 2014

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Established in 2012, Lamplight Studios is a BAFTA-nominated, indie game development studio based in Manchester, UK. Formed by a group of graduates, they decided that, rather than get a real job at a real company, they would take a crack at making their own. As a result, their lives have been constant torment and anguish in the name of video games. We are stuff, you don't.


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